Directorate Of Earth Observation Hosts DSA Monthly Lecture For The Month Of May 2024


The Directorate of Earth Observation (DEO) recently hosted the Defence Space Administration (DSA) Monthly Lecture Series for the month of May, 2024. The lecture began with an opening remark by the Director Earth Obsevation, Air Vice Marshal AV Ndace.

In his opening remarks, the DEO welcomed the participants and stated the aim of the monthly lecture which he said was to “acquaint the Staff of the Defence Space Administration on Earth Observation Satellite as a tool for border security surveillance and control.” He further expressed his appreciation to the Chief of Defence Space Administration (CDSA), Air Vice Marshal AA Shinkafi, for the innovative idea to give Directorates the opportunity to host such educative lecture.

Thereafter, a paper presentation was made by Miss Eke Winifred Chinwe from the Directorate of Earth Observation. She highlighted the participants with a presentation on the topic; “Earth Observation as a Tool for Border Security, Surveillance and Control”. The presentation progressed into an interactive session, which also served as an avenue for physical and online participants to ask questions and make contributions.

The lecture was brought to a close with a remark by the CDSA, AVM AA Shinkafi. In his closing remarks, the CDSA appreciated the Presenter Miss Eke Winifred Chinwe for such an excellent and enlightening presentation which rightly captured the contribution of DELSAT-1 despite the challenges of being just a single satellite in the constellation. He reiterated the efforts of the Administration in completing the needed satellite in the constellation so much that it captures real-time images.

The highlights of the monthly lecture include a group photograph of the CDSA with Senior Officers and Staff of DSA in front of DSA Headquarters Complex and presentation of souvenir to the Discussants by the CDSA.