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Products and Services

Products and Services offered by Defence Space Administration

Products and Services

Defence Space Consult Services

a. Near Real-time Satellite Imagery.

b. Archive Satellite Imagery

c. Satellite Imagery Processing.

d. Geospatial Data Hosting

Directorate of Earth Observation Services

a. Processing and archiving geospatial data.

b. Custodian of satellite images and geospatial data.

c. Maintenance of DSA Geospatial Data Infrastructure (GDI).

d. Provide and conduct geospatial intelligence in support of operations

e. Perform photo reconnaissance using satellite images and environmental data for national security.

Directorate of Communication Satellite Services

a. Provision of secured, fast and reliable communication to defence formations via satellite

b. Management of strategic satellite communications network for national security

c. Management of dedicated military transponder bandwidth spectrum

Directorate of Launch Services and Space Operations Services

a. Satellite launches.

b. Design and development of rockets

c. Launch pads acquisition and design.

d. Manufacture and custody of propellants

Directorates of Navigation Positioning and Timing Services

a. Support troops on Search and Rescue (SAR) operations

b. Provision of navigation data for target precision and guidance

c. Provision of satellite navigation and position information to military ships, aircrafts and terrestrial vehicles.

d. Provision of augmentation and error correction solutions for Global Positioning System (GPS) and other GNSS.

Directorate of Cyber Security Services

a. Launch cyber attacks with capacity to deceive, deny, disrupt and destroy if necessary information and systems of the adversaries.

b. Defend AFN critical infrastructure Prevent and give early warnings on cybersecurity breaches.

c. Analyze and react to incident of cyber breaches.

d. Detect and identify new technical forms of cyber threats.