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The Directorate of Navigation Positioning and Timing

Director Navigation Positioning and Timing

Rear Admiral OBF OLadipo

Rear Admiral in the Nigerian Navy with about 25 years work experience. I am particularly interested in Hydrographic Surveying and mapping. I have implemented policies and procedures that positively impact employee satisfaction with the aim of improving hydrographic survey capabilities in the Nigerian Navy as well as the overall productivity at several units where I have served and the Navy in general. Actively involved in the production of nautical charts for navigation and training charts for maritime academies in Nigeria, while ensuring that the best industry practice is deployed in its production as well as poised to make transformational changes in the Navy. I am focused, outgoing and hardworking and I see great appeal in fresh challenges and environments. I display versatility, adaptability and practical skills. I have substantial experience of effectively managing others and myself. I am confident whilst working to strict deadlines, consistently meeting high standards of work required.

Chronicle of Directors

Commodore HUF Kaoje

24th August 2015 - 12th Febraury 2016

Commodore AC Unoneme

18th April 2016 - 22nd May 2016

Colonel AC Obi (Ag Dir)

22nd August 2016 - 19th April 2017

Commodore WO Kayoda

19th April 2017 - 24th September 2018

Rear Admiral WO Kayoda

24th September 2018 - 4th April 2019

Rear Admiral RO Mohammed

4th April 2019 - 15th March 2021

Commodore SO Ode

15th March 2021 - 31st December 2021

Commodore AR Akinwale

1st Febrauary 2022 - 6th April 2023

Commodore MR Balarabe

6th April 2023 - 1st July 2023

Captain (NN) MI Godei (Ag Dir)

1st July 2023 - 14th September 2023

Air Commodore EO Iduh (Ag Dir)

14th September 2023 - 5th February 2023

Rear Admiral OBF Oladipo

5th February 2023 Till Date

About the Directorate

The Directorate of Navigation Positioning and Timing (DNPT) is one of the 9 established Directorates of the DSA working to achieve the vision of the Administration. The DNPT is responsible for providing satellite navigation and positioning information to military ships, aircraft and terrestrial vehicles. The Directorate is to provide the Armed Forces of Nigeria (AFN) with navigation and positioning information through the use of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and digital maps. The DNPT is also responsible for the provision of navigation data for target precision and guidance systems in the production of Precision Guided Munitions (PGM). The Directorate is also to pursue the integration of guidance techniques in weapons systems through research and development in conjunction with Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria (DICON), Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) and other institutions in the AFN.


a. Provision of satellite navigation and position information to military ships, airerafts and terrestrial vehicles.

b. Provision of navigation data for target precision and guidance.

C. Support troops on Search and Rescue (SAR) operations.

d. Provision of vehicular or mobile tracking devices for fleet management and tracking of military assets.

e. Provision of augmentation and error correction solutions for Global Positioning System (GPS) and other GNSS.

f. The Directorate is also to install and maintain navigation beacons and other terrestrial satellite navigation infrastructure for military hardware.


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