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The Directorate of Communication Satellite

Director of Communication Satellite

Major General ES Mustapha

Chronicle of Directors

Brigadier General FO Agugo

2nd September 2015 to 19th Septmeber 2016

Major General FO Agugo

19th September 2016 to 13th February 2017

Brigadier General AF Ojerinde

13th February 2017 to 18th September 2017

Brigadier General TO Unokhua

18th September 2017 to 28th September 2018

Captain (NN) SK Maren

28th September 2018 to 14th January 2019

Brigadier General JA Lawoyin

14th January 2019 to 28th January 2021

Major General NC Ugbo

28th January 2021 to 21st October 2021

Commodore AK Olulowo

21st October 2021 to 10th February 2022

Brigadier General MT Abdulahi

10 Feb 22 -

Major General CU Onwunle

10 Feb 22 -

Brigadier General ES Mustapha

10 Feb 22 -

Major General ES Mustapha

10 Feb 22 -

About the Directorate

The Directorate of Communication Satellite was established as one of the Directorate in DSA by the 2016 DSA Act. DSC is made up of the Director, 3 Deputy Directors namely; Deputy Director Satellite Communications (DD SatCom),Deputy Director Information Communication Technology (DDICT) and Deputy Director Strategic Application/Network Operations (DD Strat Appln/Ntwk Ops). There are also Assistant Directors, Staff officers, soldiers/ratings/airmen and the civilian components. Due to the recent addition of ICT duties to the Directorate, the Organogram had to be expanded to accommodate the ICT appointments.


a. Provision of secured, fast and reliable communication to defence formations via satellite

b. Management of strategic satellite communications network for national security

c. Management of dedicated military transponder bandwidth spectrum

d. Maintenance of V-Sat facilities, flyway kits and other ground satellite communication infrastructure

e. Ensure protection of satellite bandwidths spectrum from unauthorized interception and interference, encryption of satellite links (uplink/downlink) to protect and prevent intelligence leaks from transponders, transmitters and receivers

f. Facilitate satellite communications resource sharing with civil and international organization.

g. Control and monitor electromagnetic spectrum in support of electronic warfare operations.

h. Management and control of all ICT facilities within the Administration

i. Regulation, documentation, storing and collection of access control data in the Administration

j. Regulation of Bandwidth utilization within the Administration.


The Directorate recorded several achievements in recent time. Some of the achievements are as follows:

a. Collaboration meetings with relevant stakeholders such as NigComSat Ltd, in respect of a 700 MHz Bandwidth allocated to the AFN.This Directorate was therefore required to follow up the decision taken by the FMCT in order to come up with modalities of DSA's usage of the Bandwidth with the AFN.

b. Configuration and installation of acquired access port switches in replacement of damaged ones.

c. Reconnection of staff officers to DSALAN.

d. Provision of separate earthing for inverter room equipment.

e. Re-activation of scanning machine at the reception.

f. Presentation and submission of Bill of Quantities by Imagination Tools for kymeta antenna for Communication on The Move (CoTM). g. Replacement of damaged CCTV cameras to enhance security and coverage in and around DSA. h. Sustaining collaboration with NigComSat and other companies with a view to achieving DSA's strategic objectives.


The Directorate is currently handling a number of ongoing activities which are highlighted below:

a. Hosted Payload. Nigerian Communication Satellite Ltd (NigComSat) is waiting for DSA to forward a payload design for consideration. Adequate consultations will therefore be necessary for the right concept that could be accommodated by NigComSat.

b. Video Conferencing Equipment. The Video Conferencing Equipment i required for special occasions such as C-in-C's address to troops in mission areas or live video coverage of operations. It involves the use of V-SAT and multifunctional/multi-point Video Conferencing system with subscription to a pull block of bandwidth for multiple users. The Directorate is currently engaged in dialogue with Gulf Technology Ltd and Nigerian Communication Satellite Ltd (NigComSat) Ltd on the project.

c. Installation of Access Control System. Access Control System was installed at DSA entrances from 14-16 Feb 18 to regulate access into the complex. The project is yet to be fully activated.

d. Surveillance Equipment. The Directorate is sustaining efforts towards acquisition of some surveillance equipment for ongoing operations. The proposals received from BDLG Services Limited and Helikite Services Ltd are still under consideration. e. Procurement of Communications-on-The-Move Equipment. The Directorate is making efforts to procure Comms-on-.The-Move vehicle. The cost requirement for the vehicle as well as the CoTM equipment has been included in 2019 Budget for this Administration.


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