In 2001, the Nigerian Space Policy and Programmes (NSPP) was approved. The NSPP clearly stated that there shall be a Defence Space Command which would facilitate and implement the Defence and security aspects of the National Space Policy and Programmes 2001 for the enhancement of national security and development. Pursuant to the provisions of the NSPP, the Defence Space Agency (now known as the Defence Space Administration (DSA) was established on 9 October 2014.

The DSA Act 2016 was enacted by the 8th National Assembly and signed into law on 3 February 2017. The Act stipulates that the Administration shall provide resilient and affordable space and cyberspace capabilities for the Nigerian military and other security and law enforcement agencies. DSA is therefore, required to harness space products and services to aid the Nigerian military and other security agencies in tackling the security challenges faced by the country. This is in recognition of space as a force multiplier. Nigeria as a responsible member of the international community intends to pursue its legitimate ambition in space for security, national development and peaceful purposes for the advancement of humanity. This is in line with the provisions of the United Nations Committee for the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UNCOPUOS).

Some of the objectives of the Administration are therefore to:

  • Facilitate and implement the Defence and Security aspect of the National Space Policy.
  • Develop and operate military Space Technologies.
  • Support Nigerian Military operations both within and outside the country as well as Security Agencies responsible for internal security through the use of satellite.
  • Provide resilient and affordable Space and Cyberspace capabilities for the Nigerian Military, other Security and Law Enforcement Agencies.
  • Provide space support for the launching of satellites and other high-value payload into space using a variety of expendable launch vehicles and operating those satellites once in the medium of space.