Directorate of CYBER SECURITY

The Directorate of Cyber Security is responsible for contending with the increasing cyber threats and the provision of cyber security services to the AFN in particular and other agencies in general. These would cover identification, monitoring, detection, response and prevention of cyber attacks.





  • Rear Admiral USA Chugali is the current Director of Cyber Security Operations at the Defence Space Administration. He assumed office on 17 January 2022. In the course of his career, the senior officer has held several appointments both within and outside the Nigerian Navy. Some of which includes the Deputy Director Recruitment, Resettlement and Reserve, Naval Headquarters, Deputy Director, Space Science and Technology Applications Naval Headquarters and Deputy Director Information and Communications Technology at the Defence Headquarters. His aspiration as the Director of Cyber Security, in line with mandate of the Defence Space Administration is to effectively cooperate and collaborate with MDAs, private sectors and other relevant stakeholders to develop competent manpower and deploy resilient infrastructure and solutions with the view to providing reliable services to support the Armed Forces of Nigeria and other security agencies in the discharge of their duties. He intends leveraging emerging technologies and harnessing staff competencies towards making DSA a “Centre of Excellence” in Cyber Security. Rear Admiral USA Chugali enjoys reading, travelling, combat golfing, hunting, archery and watching nature. He is married and the union is blessed with children.

    1 BRIG GEN EG WHYTE APR 2015 - DEC 2015
    2 BRIG GEN SB OLAWUNMI MAY 2016 - JUL 2016
    3 CDRE YB WAMBAI JUL 2016 - JAN 2018
    4 CDRE KC AJAYI JAN 2018 - APR 2019
    5 CDRE I ZELANI APR 2019 - JUN 2020
    6 CDRE SO OBADINA JUN 2020 - SEP 2020
    7 R ADM WO KAYODA SEP 2020 - NOV 2020
    9 CDRE SO OBADINA NOV 2020 - DEC 2021
    10 R ADM USA CHUGALI SEP 2020 -