The Chief of Defence Space Administration (CDSA) Air Vice Marshall Abdullahi Ahmed Shinkafi received the Defence Adviser (DA) High Commission of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Colonel Kamran Mushtaq who paid a courtesy visit to Defence Space Administration Headquarters on Thursday, September 14, 2023. The CDSA in his welcome remarks lauded the DA Pakistan Colonel Kamran Mushtaq for finding time to visit DSA and share his wealth of knowledge with the Administration. The CDSA hoped that the visit would be the beginning of a collaboration which would contribute greatly towards the realization of the DSA mandate and enhance the capabilities of the DSA staff on real operational matters. The Defence Adviser, Colonel Kamran Mushtaq said the purpose of the visit is to seek for collaboration with DSA and the organisations in Pakistan who were already making waves in the manufacturing of quality and reliable space and digital technologies. The Defence Adviser in his presentation commenced with a brief on the National Radio and Telecommunication Corporation (NRTC) which he said is a Federal Government entity of the Ministry of Defence Production (MoDP) in the Republic of Pakistan. He stated that the NRTC is a human resource organisation working on cutting edge technologies and production of cyber and space facilities. The NRTC is focused on areas of Research and Development Designs through the expertise of highly trained and qualified engineers. Speaking further, Colonel Kamran said it was an internationally certified company with EMC Testing facilities and equipment, industry academia collaboration, defence technologies of a 100 per cent indigenous design, development and manufacturing which include, tactical and wireless communication, field media Gateways, Eagle Eye, HF/VHF/UHF, software defined radio amongst others. According to the DA. the company is a brand in Jammers and intruder detection. He reiterated confidence in the reliability, quality and self-reliance of the company especially on border security, surveillance system and radar security. He added that their UGS system is highly accurate, as well as the Anti-drone system which detects, tracts and defeats the adversary. Others include the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) such as the counter IED Drone, Falcon, MINHAS and COBRA. There are also renewable energy solars, UAVs Dev Programmes, AV Design and Development, Avionics and Autopilot, sensors restricted technologies, grand elements etc. Colonel Mushtaq in his presentation made special mention of the National Space Agency of Pakistan which plans, designs, develops and operates various types of satellites. The space agency also develops Hybrid Tactical UAVs including the Cyber Security of ICT resources. The Defence Adviser expressed readiness to see a fruitful collaboration between DSA and these organisations to enhance the capability development and research and development of staff of DSA. In terms of space electronics manufacturing, Colonel Mushtaq stated that the organization was well equipped with well trained and dedicated team. As a result of the matured process of manufacturing and production of metal composites, advanced materials, propulsion system designs including communications and datalinks designs, Pakistan has been using its own locally manufactured products. Consequently, during the discussion and interactive session, Officers from the Operational Directorates asked questions, made suggestions and contributions as it concerns their Directorates. The CDSA further reiterated after the discussion and interactive session that the space and cyber domains are of significant concern in modern warfare. Adding that with the growing prevalence of cyber threats, it is paramount that the DSA develops competencies to defend the country’s cyber space against potential cyber threats and attacks. The CDSA thanked the DA for the materials presented to the DSA saying that the materials would be studied intensively to help decide the next line of action. Air Vice Marshall Shinkafi also emphasized that it would be more beneficial to the Administration to partner directly with the National Space Agency of Pakistan and the National Radio and Telecommunication Corporation (NRTC) without restrictions. Highlights of the visit was the vote of thanks by Navy Capt Y Mani, presentation of souvenirs, signing of the DSA visitors book, group photograph and a guided tour to the Directorate of Earth Observation’s Laboratories.